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Exporting Medical Devices to  Switzerland

And How it Works

Shipping medical devices to Switzerland has become more complicated since the collapse of the Mutual Recognition Agreement between the European Union and Switzerland. Going forward the European Medical Device Regulation is no longer recognized in Switzerland. Our goal is to help you comply with new Swiss importer requirements so you may continue to access this small but important market.


Our process is streamlined for maximum efficiency

We are highly process oriented and technologically savvy. We know that time is money and we have established online systems to quickly verify your compliance with Swiss requirements without slowing you down. Here’s how it works.

We Verify Your Compliance with Swiss Regulations in Parallel with Your Logistics Workflow


Medical Device/IVD


Shipment to Switzerland
You coordinate your shipments as normal


Swiss Customs and VAT

Customs and tax paperwork processed.


Verify Swissmedic Compliance 

We verify before your product arrives in Switzerland. 


Distributor or End User

We don’t need to inspect your devices

We perform many tasks to ensure your ongoing compliance with Swiss law but thankfully handling your devices is not among them. Every service we provide is done electronically and it’s in our mutual interest that this be done as efficiently as possible. We generally review and confirm approval of all shipments to Switzerland within eight business hours of receipt, and even then it is not necessary for you to hold up shipments.

Three European markets, one importer

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