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How the 
Import Process Works
in the EU, UK and Switzerland 

MedEnvoy's Streamlined Process Approach Creates Little Additional Work for You

When you engage MedEnvoy as your compliance importer, you can rest assured that your current logistics workflow will not be disrupted, and little is required from you. Because we are highly process oriented, we can ensure your ongoing compliance with the EU, UK and Swiss regulations in a seamless manner.

We do not take title or physical control of your products, nor do we interfere with your distributors.  


See our FAQ sections on EU Importer | Great Britain UK Importer | Swiss Importer  

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MedEnvoy is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

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We Will Not Delay or Physically Handle Your Shipments

We perform many tasks to ensure your ongoing compliance with the EU, UK or Swiss regulations without a need to take title or take physical possession of your devices. Our compliance checks are done electronically, and very efficiently. We generally review and confirm compliance after you have already shipped your devices so is not necessary for you to hold up shipments or disrupt the way you ship today.


Device Leaves Facility


In Transit to Europe


Customs/VAT Clearance


Distributor/End User


Convenient. Consistent. Responsive.

Three European Markets. One Importer.

MedEnvoy verifies compliance remotely without disrupting your supply chain!

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